Why Booking Through Expedia is Better

There are many advantages to booking through Expedia rather than booking directly through the Airlines, hotels, and car rentals. Here are the top 5 reasons why booking through Expedia is better:

5.) Booking Made Easy. Expedia has a feature under ‘preferences’ where you can add travelers. Once you’ve got the traveler’s information inputted in the system, you’re all set. If you’re booking for multiple people, the booking process is super simple. To enter the traveler’s name, you must go to the drop down list and chose the name of the traveler. Once you’ve selected the name: the birthday, gender, preferred seating, and frequent flyer miles of the individual is automatically filled out.

4.) Discounted Packages. As many of you already know, bundling a vacation package is always cheaper. In Expedia’s case, you don’t need to make a decision right away regarding to both the flight and the hotel of your choice. If you decided to book the flight first because you found a great deal, and haven’t picked a hotel yet, that’s okay! Book the flight first and you will have 10 days to book a hotel at a discounted rate. Go back to view your Trip Itinerary where you will see a window pop up asking if you’d like to save money on a hotel. When you click on view hotels, you will see that some hotels are discounted up to 40%. This applies to car rentals as well.

3.) Customer Service. Anyone who has ever had to change a flight knows how hard it is to get in touch with a live operator who can help you make those changes. With major airlines, either the line is busy, you wait for 20 minutes and get hung up on, or you stay on hold listening to elevator music for over an hour before you’re able to speak with someone. Expedia is different. Expedia has a great customer service team that is ready and available to assist you. The longest I’ve ever had to wait on hold for Expedia was about 3 minutes. This alone, for me, is worth booking through Expedia.

2.) Double Dipping. When you book a flight, hotel, or car through Expedia, you can earn and accumulate points. Not only do you accumulate points where you can redeem for Hotel coupons, but you can also add your frequent flyer mile or rewards program in the system and get credited for your stay or flight. The hotel coupons are great! You have the option to redeem the coupons for a VIP Access Hotel or a regular hotel. If you redeem a VIP Access hotel, you get double the rewards. So it’s technically triple dipping.

1.) Best Price Guaranteed. Expedia offers what they call a ‘Best Price Guaranteed’ program where Expedia will match the price if you find it elsewhere cheaper. You simply fill out a form, take a snapshot of the website you found the lower prices at, and within a few days Expedia will get back to you informing whether they have approved or rejected your claim. If they approve, than not only do you get a refund for the difference, but they give you a coupon to use for your next booking.

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