Top 10 Things to See in Grand Teton

Many people who visit the Wyoming area, seem to overlook Grand Teton National Park. With Yellowstone nearby, those who skip Grand Teton had no idea what they’ve missed out on. With gorgeous mountain peaks, stunning vistas, and year round wildlife, Grand Teton is the hidden gem you don’t want to miss out on. Top spots in Grand Teton:

10.) Jackson Lake Overlook: For views of Jackson Lake, this viewpoint can not get any better. With stunning mountains in the background, and 180 degree views of the lake, Jackson Lake Overlook is definitely worth a stop.

9.) Cathedral Group Turnout: Located on the Jenny Lake Loop provides a spectacular view of the Cathedral Group.

8.) Colter Bay Village Marina: Located at the end of Colter Bay Village Road, this marina offers stunning views of the Jackson Lake. With a small gift shop and visitor center, this is a good place to stop at to enjoy lunch, and rent a kayak to explore the bay.

7.) Jenny Lake: Take the Jenny Lake Trail towards Hidden Falls. It’s a 6.2 mile round trip hike from the Jenny Lake Trailhead. Along with amazing views of the Lake, you’ll get to see a 400′ waterfall. Take the extra time to hike to inspiration point, if it is opened.

6.) Signal Mountain: Worth the drive to the top of the mountain. This steep, narrow, windy road leads you to the peak of Signal Mountain. This is the best birdeye view of the entire Jackson Hole.

5.) National Elk Refugee: During the first snow fall, this area is prime area for wildlife. This is North America’s greatest migration.

4.) Teton Pass Hwy: Just pass Wilson is the Teton Pass. This steep road can get extremely dangerous during winter months. Make sure to look for the Jackson Sign on the left on your way up. There’s only a few parking spots here, but this is the prime area for hikers and bikers alike. Take a hike along the Historic Trail. Along this trail is the perfect shot of the Teton Pass Highway. The beginning of the trail is quite steep, but after the first half mile, it levels off into Black Canyon.

3.) Snake River Overlook: With mountains, rivers, and valleys all in shot, this is one of the best spots for that classic postcard photo of Grand Teton.

2.) Oxbow Bend: At this pullout, you’ll have to scramble a little to get the best shots of the river bend. In the distant is the amazing mountainous views of the Grand Tetons.

1.) Schwabacher’s Landing: when it comes to mountains and reflections of mountains, Schwabanger’s Landing is the best spot for photographers. Keep on the lookout for the Schwabachers Landing Road. Because this road is unmarked, and continues into a dirt road, it may be hard to spot. Just keep on the look out for a small road between Glacier View Turnout and Teton Point Turnout.

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  1. Wow! Cool Video! I haven’t been to Grand Teton Yet but I’ve been to Yellowstone. If I would’ve know how cloe it was – I would’ve made a day trip to go there. Bummer!

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