The Travel List

Everyone will have a slightly different packing list depending on where you’re going, how you’re getting there, and when you’ll be going. This is general categorical packing list.

  • Clothing – Depending on where and when you’re traveling, the clothing you bring will differ from person to person.
    • Hot Climate: In warmer climate, bring moisture wicking clothing.
      • Tops – sleeveless, short sleeves, and tank tops.
      • Bottoms – Shorts, capri pants
      • Socks – Optional
      • Undergarment
      • Head protection – Sun hat, ball cap may be necessary to keep your head from getting sunburned.
    • Cold Climate: In cooler climate, think Layers. Layering will help regulate your body temperature. You won’t want to be too hot because the sweat on your body will give you the chills when the wind blows. You also don’t want to be too cold, shivering takes too much energy and will cause body exhaustion. Think about insulation for cold weather.
      • Tops – long sleeves, thermals, wind-breaking jacket, waterproof jacket, down jacket.
      • Bottoms – Thermal pants, leggings, snow pants, waterproof pants, Khakis.
      • Gloves – necessary in snowing weather
      • Socks – necessary in cold weather
      • Undergarment
      • Head and Neck – Scarf, balaclava, beanie, ear warmers
    • Formal Event: Plan according when attending a formal event. Only you know what clothing you need to bring.
  • Toiletries and Personal Maintance. The essentials you will need in your day to day routine to keep yourself clean.
    • Teeth – Toothbrush. Toothpaste, mouth wash, floss
    • Eyes – Glasses, sunglasses, contacts, contact solution, tweezers
    • Ears – Q-tips
    • Nose – Trimmers, tissues
    • Face – Soap, make up, make up remover
    • Nails – nail clipper
    • Hair – Shampoo, Conditioner, hair ties, hair spray, gel, hair brush, curling iron, flat iron, hair clips
    • Body – Soap, deodorant, colgne, perfume
    • Accessories – rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches
  • Footwear. Again depending on the climate and activities you’ll be attending to, you’re going to want to plan accordingly:
    • Flip-flops
    • Water shoes
    • Boat shoes
    • Rain boots
    • Dress shoes
    • Heels
    • Sneakers
    • Tennis shoes
    • Hiking Boots
  • Electronics. This will include all of your day to day electronic usages their respective chargers.
    • Phone, charger
    • Tablet, charger
    • Laptop, charger
    • GPS, Batteries, charger
    • Headlamp, batteries
    • Cameras, charger, extra batteries
    • External charger – comes in handy when your battery is low and you are not near at a wall charger.
  • Personal Documentation.
    • Passport – Necessary for international travel
    • Driver’s license
    • Credit cards
    • Boarding pass
    • Cash
  • Medication
    • Motion sickness Pills
    • Allergy medicine
    • Prescription drug
  • Activity Related Packing List
    • Water Related Sports
      • Snorkel mask
      • Sunscreen – All natural and Biodegradable is required in some Eco-friendly environment, such as Mexico.
      • Bug spray
      • Anti fog gel – this is necessary if you’re using your snorkel mask in the ocean
      • Fins – Used for snorkeling or diving
      • Life Jacket – Used for boat rides or beginner snorkelers
      • Wet Suit – Used in the open ocean where water temperatures are cold
      • Rash Guard – Prevents sunburns on skin while snorkeling
      • Waterproof bag
    • Outdoor Hiking / Camping / Mtn Biking
      • Trekking poles – used for trekking
      • Survival / First Aid Kit: Compass, whistle, duct tape, para-cord, fire-starter/waterproof matches, Liquid band aid, emergency blanket
      • Daypack, Multi-day pack
      • Snacks
      • Water
      • MRE’s
      • Jetboil – small mini stove for boiling water
      • Map, Gps
      • Sunscreen
      • Bug Spray
      • Wipes
      • Tent
      • Sleeping Mat
      • Sleeping Bag
      • Multi-Tool
    • Snow Related Activities:
      • Ice Pick –  used for ice climbers
      • Crampon – used for walking through ice, glaciers, or snow
      • Gaiters – keeps your pants and shoes from getting wet
      • Snow boots
      • Waterproof pack
      • Snow Gloves
    • Climbing
      • Rope
      • Belays
      • Carbiners
      • Harness
      • Climbing Shoes
      • Helmet
      • Gloves or Climbing Tape



6 thoughts on “The Travel List

  1. This list is AWESOME! I’ve been looking for a travel list. Stumbled across this and this is exactly what I was looking for! Seeing that you’ve encluded category… This is the best list out there!

  2. Hi there, I check your new stuff on a regular basis.
    Your writing style is witty, keep up the good work! This travel list is exactly what I needed for my next trip to Las Vegas! Thank you so much!

  3. Yes! This was exactly what I needed for my upcoming trip to India. Thank you so much for sharing. Do you have any recommendations for minilist packing? I tend to have a hard time deciding what to pack and end up bringing a giant suitcase.

  4. I do agree with all the ideas you have introduced for
    your post. They’re really convincing and can certainly work.

    I love this list and hope to read more of your crazy travels.

    Thanks for the post.

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