Why You Should Never Buy Organizing Packing Bags

We’ve all seen the organizing packing bag sets that are advertised as the ultimate organizing packing gear. These can range from $8 each to $30 for a set of 3-packs, varying in different sizes. Although these bags does exactly as advertised, there really isn’t a need for it. Organizing packing bags are said to be: ultra-light weight, water-resistant, translucent rip-stop silnylon, provides durability and allows easy identification of clothes packed. Similarly, Ziploc bags really aren’t so different. Here’s why:

1.) Ziploc bags are ultra-lightweight. Whether you’re using a sandwich bag, a freezer bag, or a gallon bag, they are all ultra-lightweight weighing a matter of only a few grams.

2.) Ziploc bags are not just water resistant, but they are nearly waterproof. You can test this by placing a dry napkin inside the Ziploc bag, and running it underwater as well as submerging it. You’ll notice that there is minimal water entry, and the napkin will be bone dry. Having the waterproof capabilities will prevent your toiletries from spilling all over your suitcase.

3.) Although Ziploc bags are not made of silnylon, they are made of plastic which is very flexible. You can bend and shape the bag and contour it into any size and shape you need it to be. Ziploc bags can rip, but it easily replaceable since a box of Ziploc normally comes with over 20-50 bags.

4.) Ziploc bags allow easy identification of items packed. It doesn’t get more translucent than clear. You can see exactly what you’ve packed without having to unzip it.

5.) Ziploc bags are cheap! You can buy a box of 90 Ziploc bags for $3 at a Walmart store. Although Ziploc bags are reusable, you can always toss it out and grab a new bag.

6.) Ziploc bags come in various sizes. Use the bag that best fits your needs. Similar to organizing packing bags, Ziploc bags have 3 main sizes. I use the sandwich size bag for my make-up, chapstick, contacts, and floss. The mid-size bag is used for extra camera batteries, external charger, and USB cords. The large gallon bags are used for mainly  clothes and toiletries.

Have you ever tried looking for something you’ve placed in your bag and it takes forever for you find it? Your bag literally becomes this bottomless pit, and you can never find what you’re looking for. Well, let’s just say you’re not the first. I have experienced the same issues, and this is why I now organize everything into Ziploc bags. Since then, I have not had any issues looking for items such as a tiny Memory card or a pen.

When you’re on an adventure, you don’t have time to sit there to scramble through all the loose items in the luggage or your backpack. Take note of the items you’ll need on your day trip versus the items that can stay at the hotel. Items like flashlights, GPS, and external batteries should probably stay with you at all times. So you would want to group all these items together and place them in a Ziploc. That way if you’re looking for your headlamp – you’ll know exactly which Ziploc bag it’s in, and no more scrambling through trying to find something.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Buy Organizing Packing Bags

  1. thank you for the share
    never thought about using ziplock bags
    now that we already havve packing bags we will use them until they break. then try your idea

  2. This is what I do everytime I travel. using ziplock bags are always my number 1 go to choice of baggies anyway. We even used one in Mexico to keep our wallets and phones dry while in the water. works like a charm everytime!

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