Step 1: Finding and Booking the Cheapest Flights

Similar to what’s “trending” on Facebook and Twitter, you can do the same thing when it comes to finding cheap flights. Taking into account everything discussed in the START HERE section, there are a few sites that I personally recommend. I must warn you that this is not the quickest or even the easiest process, but I’m here to show you the 3- steps that I take to finding and booking the cheapest flights:

1.) The first site you must visit is Google Flights. Google Flights will give you the “Trends” you will need to know to help you determine: where to fly to, which day to fly on, and when to fly out. After allowing Google to Find your Location, Google will find your nearest International Airport. From here, you will have 3 options. You can search by destinations, by dates, orĀ  both, to find the cheapest flights. To get more out of Google Flights, make sure to visit: TIPS AND TRICKS YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT GOOGLE FLIGHTS.

2.) After finding the exact dates and destination you would like to travel to: Check Expedia. The reason you check Expedia, is because often times, Expedia can give you a discounted rates over booking directly with the airlines. Even if Expedia’s rates are exactly the same as what the airline is offering, book your ticket through Expedia. Check out the article explaining the advantages of BOOKING THROUGH EXPEDIA rather than directly with the airline.

3.) If Prices are still too high for any given destination, dates, or both; you may be searching for flights at the wrong time of day, or the wrong day of the week. Believe it or not, when you buy your tickets matter. Do not book tickets last minute or too far in advanced. Believe it or not, when you buy your ticket matter. The one site that has helped me keep track of when to purchase flight tickets is Kayak. Kayak is similar to Google when it comes to finding “trends.” Except that, I find that Kayak does not work as well for multi-destinations flights as Google does. Kayak’s multi-destination price results are astronomical compared to what Google Flights can find. Multi-destination flights is a must for traveling across multiple countries. Learn more about Multi-Destination flights. Kayak allows you to set up alerts every time flight prices goes down. If you don’t have an account with Kayak, I highly suggest that you sign up for one. Under ‘Preferences’ you will find ‘Emails and Alerts’. Add a flight price alert by filling out the: from, to, depart and return boxes. When the prices drop, you will get an email alert, better yet, a mobile notification if you install Kayak’s mobile app. Once you get a notification from Kayak that the prices of a ticket has dropped, you will have a small window of time where you can get purchase the airfare ticket at the lowest rate the prices will go.

4.) If you’re not sure where you want to go or even when you want to go, check out Similar to Google Flights and Kayak, you can discover when and where to travel at the lowest prices. One of the coolest and unique feature that offers that the others do not, is the ability to search for themed destination. Say I want to explore ‘Museums’ and not sure which city to visit. Simply click on the ‘Museum’ tab and discover the cities with the greatest museums.

5.) When you find an outrageous deal, book it! Deals come and go, sometimes lasting for minutes, and other times for hours. Often times airlines make mistakes. They will have to honor your booked ticket if it were a mistake on their part. Know that you can cancel a flight ticket within 24 hours of the purchase price with a full refund. Many companies allows you up until midnight the following day to cancel your purchased ticket. So you basically have 24 hours to either find a better deal, or to make sure you can make the days you just booked.

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