Step 3: Booking

Once you’ve mapped out your itinerary, you’ll want to start looking for deals and discounts during your booking process. Remember to refer back to Cheap Flights to help you find the cheapest flights. If you haven’t already booked your flight prior to planning your itinerary, I highly recommend it. This way you’ll know whether or not you have enough time to explore everything or if something is lower on the priority list, you’ll know that you’ll have to skip it. Here are 3 things you will have to arrange for your trip:

1.) Where will you be staying? Decide which will work best for you? Will you be staying at a hotel, a bed and breakfast, or a vacation home? If you’re looking for privacy and very little interaction – I would suggest a vacation home, away from it all. If you like cooking and having a kitchen, then definitely go with the vacation home or a hotel suite with a kitchenette. If you’re the kind of person who loves to mingle and meet with others – you may want to consider a Bed and Breakfast. Normally a bed and breakfast only comes with breakfast, and typically there wouldn’t be a kitchen. You would have a host that will be tending to your every need. With hotels, you’ll usually have very minimal interactions, and if you like amenities like restaurants, than there are probably more options near or inside the hotels that a vacation home or a bed and breakfast.

2.) What will you be doing or seeing? Don’t just take a drive and stop at a few viewpoints and leave. Try taking a hike, visit a museum, or taking a helicopter tour. Every city or town has something different to offer. Always take in new experiences. On every trip I take, I always make sure that I check off these 3 items: do / see, learn, and eat something new that the city or town is famous for. In the Bahamas, you must try tuna and grits for breakfast, boiled fish for lunch, and Johnny Cake for dinner. You must see the famous swimming pigs in the Exuma Islands. You must learn the history of Pirates that invaded Nassau in the early 1700’s. Incorporating culture into your travel is what makes your trips memorable.

3.) How will you get around? Will you be renting a car, riding a bike, taking the train or catching the bus? Obviously if you’re in an area where public transportation is common – I would opt for public transportation. Just be aware that it in places like Bermuda, catching the bus is not an option if you’re carrying luggage. You’re not allowed to take luggage into the bus, and it is illegal to rent a car. Grab a taxis or rent a scooter instead.  I, personally, always like renting a car. Car rentals surprisingly, can be extremely cheap on Expedia. If you’ve already booked a hotel or a flight through Expedia – go back on the site within the next 10 days. You’ll notice that because you booked a flight or a hotel through Expedia, Expedia is now giving you a deep discount for adding a car rental as well. Make sure to go back on Expedia before your 10 days is up. The deal disappears after 10 days and you will have to purchase them again at regular prices. Although renting a car may seem like the best idea, there are some downsides to it too. Think about parking availability. Most places charge for parking, and better yet, you may not want to rent a car if you’re not a skilled parallel parker. A lot of hotel charge a fee for over night parking. There’s also a risk of getting a ticket. There has been several times where parking at a meter has resulted in a parking ticket. Some places do not provide a coin dispenser for you to feed for your parking meter. Other than parking issues, there is also the traffic. Traffic in Los Angeles is a nightmare. What would normally take you 5 minutes would take you 50 minutes in L.A.

Don’t limit yourself to only a few options. There are many other ideas that I’m sure you didn’t know exist. Learn where you can book a stay in tree-house, or even in a yacht.

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  1. There are definitely a couple more details to consider, but thanks for sharing this info. I will keep this in mind when I go to book my next trip!

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