Through the Redwood Forest

This video highlights the best places to see along the Northern Pacific Coast of California. If you’re looking for amazing beaches and giant redwoods, these are the best spots to stop at. This is driving North from Humboldt Redwood State Park:

1.) Humboldt Redwood State Park. If you’re looking for the tallest giants, this is definitely the place to be. The world’s tallest trees are all found here including the fallen giant: Dyerville Tree.
The Founder’s Grove is a popular spot for all. Along with the tallest trees ever recorded, the Humboldt Redwood State Park is also home to the Giant Tree and the Founder’s Tree. The Giant tree can be found in The Big Tree Area along the Bull Creek Flat Road.

2.) Trinidad. The best views of the ocean is along the Scenic Drive. Take the Westhaven Exit towards the ocean, and make a right on Scenic Drive towards Trinadad. Our absolute favorite spot is the Houda Point and Camel Rock stop. Make sure to hike all the way to the bottom for a view of the giant rocks on the beach.

3.) Patrick’s Point. This is such a hidden gem, and worth the $7 for entry. Make sure to hike both the Wedding Rock and Patrick’s Point. For more beaches, try hiking to the bottom of Agate Beach if you’re in good shape. This short hike is steep, but again, worth the hike. Don’t let the fog deter you from hiking to the bottom. The views of the beach are spectacular, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find yourself some Agate, if the waves washed them up during a storm.

4.) Prairie Creek Redwood State Park. This place is amazing! The road getting there is quite windy and narrow. Driving through the dirt road may seem intimating at first, but the drive is worth it! The Gold Bluffs Beach is near the end of the road. Driving only a bit further will lead you to the Fern Canyon trail head. This is one of the most spectacular places, you didn’t think would exist here. Fern Canyon was the setting for the film Jurassic Park II: The Lost World. These ancient walls really do remind you of being in the Lost World. This is a must on everyone’s list.

5.) Klamath: Check out the gondola at the Trees of Mystery! The ride is only $15, and well worth it if it’s not a foggy day. Save your money for another day, if the fog has clouded the skies. Don’t miss the Drive Thru Tree for $5. Super cool experience.

6.) Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park. This was by far our favorite place for Redwood viewing. The redwoods here are a combination of big and tall, coupled with a completely dense forest, as well as lush green shrubs, making this place a top contender for having the best scenery for photography. Along the Smith River, are great spots for photos. Make sure to hike down Stout Grove and search for the Titan of Giants.


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  2. Dang! These trees are Massive. I thought they were big, but the photo with you guys in it are just crazy big. I didn’t realize you guys were there hugging the tree until I scrolled all the way down. this is just WAY tooo RAD!

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