As an Office Manager by day, and a Gogo Dancer by night, many people often ask how I’m able to travel so much. I have only one simple answer, and this is my secret:
“Shop only for the prices, and not by the destination.” Many people who knows me, knows that I have 2 rules when it comes to traveling.
1.) Travel as Economically as possible.
2.) Travel as Efficiently as possible.
As you get to know me through my blogs, you will understand why these rules are so important.
Although I am extremely busy with my work, I always find the time to get away at least once a month. I know many of you are probably thinking: “How can an Average Joe, like me, afford to travel once a month?” And just like many of you, I used to have the same mentality, thinking that it was impossible. My goal here is to help you understand that traveling is not only affordable, but the experience you gain and the memories you take from it is virtually priceless.

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